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The Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County  (SACC) recognizes the sensitivity of personal information and is committed to protecting your privacy and ensures your informing is confidential by following all of the required legislation and practices to ensure your information remains private and confidential.  This includes information that is gathered in person, electronically or through digital communication.

It is important for you to know that the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County (SACC) is committed to your safety.  If your safety or the safety of others are at risk SACC will do what is required to keep you or someone else safe.

Personal Information:

Personal Information is only collected as required for specific purposes and the use of that personal information is limited to the purposes for which the information was provided.

SACC uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • Providing services or information to clients,
  • Providing information to third parties for which clients have consented
  • Contacting clients to evaluate services provided, specific to monitoring your treatment  needs, your progress and the outcome of your treatment.

How does SACC use Technology?

  1.  Zoom—clients are provided services through Zoom a virtual site that is secured
  2.  DocuSign-Provides an opportunity to review and sign documents virtually
  3. Greenspace-a safe platform that allows potential clients to fill out personal information to request counselling services and to complete assessments that will help direct your treatment at SACC as well as monitor your progress.  It is important that you complete all the requested information to allow SACC staff to assess your treatment needs.

What will you receive?

  •  Currently counselling sessions are being provided through a virtual site using Zoom.  Zoom creates a secure invitation that is emailed to you providing you with the time and date and a link to your Zoom connection.  If you are unable to use Zoom you will need to decline this service option with your Social Worker.


  • If there are documents you need to review and or sign, you will receive an email from DocuSign asking you to review the document or documents sent from SACC and may or may not require your electronic signature.  The DocuSign site will help you complete this process.  If you don’t have the ability to review and sign documents through DocuSign, hard copies will be available for your pick up.  This will need to be discussed with your Social Worker.


  • If you are seeking services from SACC and are over the age of 13 you are asked to click on the link below and complete the Greenspace questionnaire, please complete all of the questions.  A Social Worker from SACC will contact you to review this information and to discuss service options.


  • Greenspace will occasionally send out a request for you to fill out assessments.  These assessments are important to complete as the information helps your Social Worker assess your treatment needs, monitor your progress, and review your outcomes from treatment.  Please take the time to complete these assessments.


  • You may receive an invite from Sexual Assault Crisis Centre to create an account on Greenspace with the title Invitation to create an account for SACC.  Instructions will be provided in the email.


  • You may also receive an email from asking you to complete a specific Ministry evaluation that which will provide you with a link and a specific confidential identifier.  Our Ministries who fund our program encourages clients to share with them, their service experience.

If you require further information about privacy and confidentiality please review our terms of service.