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Use Your Power As a Bystander

You are at a party or out drinking and you notice a situation that seems like someone’s safety is at risk.  For example, a female is drunk and is being pulled into a bedroom.  You know something is up but you don’t know how to help.  You also wonder, should I get involved?  I bet she hopes you do.  Because of your help, a sexual assault could be prevented.  You can do something.

Here are some ideas on what to do:

  • Diffuse the situation and interrupt the scene – tell a joke, spill a drink, tell them you went in the wrong room or that you are sick and need to lay down
  • Let the person know you are watching (give an obvious silent stare or other method)
  • Take the person aside and speak to them
  • Ask the person who may be in trouble if they need help and let them know you are willing to assist
  • Bring the situation to the attention of others
  • Shout something so everyone hears (“leave her alone”)
  • Call for help – the police, a trusted person or security