Research shows that people who have been through trauma get better faster and more easily when they have support and counsellors who can help them move forward.

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Crisis Intervention

Our service provides a twenty-four hour crisis line to survivors of sexual victimization. This service provides emotional support, problem solving strategies, information, and referrals when necessary. We provide information to those who are assisting survivors of sexual violence such as friends, family members, and other community organizations.


Counselling is available to survivors of sexual victimization (sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest) of any age, who reside in the Windsor-Essex County area.  Services to children who are victimized are co-ordinated with the Children’s Aid Society.  Counselling support is also available for non-offending significant othersSatellite offices are available.

Public Education

We participate in opportunities to educate the community on the realities of sexual violence, as well as its impact, and to implement initiatives that will reduce sexual violence in our community.  Community educational resources are available for download here.

The mission of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County is to provide support for all victims of sexual violence through crisis intervention and counselling, advocating for those harmed by sexual violence, promoting social change through education and advancing social equality.

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Sexual Assault Crisis Centre is a place where human rights are respected and

where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, two spirit and queer people

are all welcomed and supported.