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Relaxed Yoga & Relaxed Aikido Now Available

The Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (SACC) partners with local Dojo to provide

Relaxed Yoga and Relaxed Aikido classes for clients.


SACC is excited to partner with our local Aikido Canada Dojo to provide Relaxed Yoga and Relaxed Aikido options for clients. Adding a mindfulness exercise may be just what you need if you are currently receiving counselling or support at the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre.

These low impact classes help to create a beneficial mind-body connection. They stimulate blood flow and oxygen delivery while increasing flexibility, strength, physical skills and self-confidence.

Clients are welcome to practice within their own comfort level. These classes are open to Clients at any fitness level. (However, everyone should consult their health care provider before starting any new physical health activity).   








Yoga Classes

Beginners will explore gentle modifications of the most popular yoga postures, supported by hands-on adjustments while more advanced students will explore more complex variations.

This class offers a flowing sequence of yoga postures partnered with breath awareness, meditation, hands-on adjustment and relaxation.  This class includes standing and seated postures as well as safe inversions and suggested challenges for more experienced students. Through the integration of classical yogic breathing practices and mindful movement, our yoga classes invite practitioners into a place of deeper relaxation.

Practical strategies and meditation techniques are explored each time we meet, encouraging practitioners to adopt these strategies in their everyday lives. By creating a safe space for personal reflection, the classes help individuals navigate and diminish stress, anxiety and emotional instability.



Relaxed Aikido and Basic Movements Classes

The Relaxed Aikido class provides an opportunity to learn, develop and practice actual aikido techniques with a partner.  Aikido is the art of redirecting negative energy into a positive outcome for all. Partner work employs equal emphasis on practicing performing and receiving the technique.  The goal of Aikido is that through continued practice of movements and techniques, one will gain confidence when reacting to conflict in real life. Gain confidence, improve mindfulness, get into shape, and learn a practical art of self defense. The Aikido Basic Movements class is designed for beginners and for persons who may have poorer physical fitness or some physical limitations – as well as for more advanced students to improve their basics. There is an emphasis on warm-up exercises and on basic movements that form the basis for Aikido techniques (similar to Tai Chi). There is also an opportunity to discuss the principles of Aikido, and how these principles can be applied for self-defense as well as in daily life.


Relaxed Yoga and Relaxed Aikido classes are available weekly.

To find out how to register, please talk with our Reception Staff, or

call the office at  519-253-3100  or 1-844-900-7222

Visit Aikido Canada for information on class times.